Karen Rivers

the tree tattoo


Karen Rivers’ startling debut novel delves into the heart of an incendiary, illicit love between a young woman and an older man. As secrets and lies surface, they discover themselves, their desires and their expectations. The truth about love and its high costs shines brilliantly in this original, eloquent and candid novel. The Tree Tattoo is a novel you’ll never forget.

From the publisher:

This first novel takes us on a journey through the centre of an explosive, illicit relationship that drives into the fragile heart of a family. A young woman and an older man succumb to an incendiary love affair at an unpayable price. As lies are revealed, the characters must pick up the fragments of whom they thought they were and turn towards an awareness of whom they have now become. They must explore the truth of love and the cost of passion. In deft strokes and a raw unique language, the story moves towards its startling conclusion as the characters examine the difference between their desires and their expectations, what it means to love and to be loved, and, ultimately, what it means to be alone.