Karen Rivers


Karen Rivers

It poured with rain today like it does often in October in the Pacific Northwest.  

I don't love rain, but what I DO love is how everyone is surprised by it.   It rains here all the time.   It's the rainy season.   But we're so caught off guard when it happens that everyone stares accusingly up at the sky like there has to have been some kind of cosmic mistake.    Someone will pay!  But who?

Then they get rain in their eyes.   If by "they", I mean "me".  

And when you wear contacts, that stings a little.   And then you/they/me may or may not spend the rest of the day trying to blink your/their/my contact lens clear again.   

I like to think this weather-related blindspot says something about the optimism of mankind:   Our hope for a life of pretty blue skes!   Notwithstanding drought, etc.!    Sparkly unicorns!   Walking on sunshine!

Or maybe weather is one of the things our brains don't retain.  We keep the lyrics from all songs sung in the 70s and 80s and the phone number of our best friend in third grade and our first locker combination, but recurring weather patterns?  

Apparently not.

Just wait until it SNOWS.