Karen Rivers

and then! suddenly!

Karen Rivers

It's Christmas!


I don't know what happens to time.   It moves forward in fits and starts where it feels like certain dates will never arrive and others arrive way too soon.   Or at least a day too soon.   Let's have Christmas on Boxing Day!  Then I will be ready!  

I am not ready.   But it doesn't matter.  What difference does it make if the floor is clean?   The kids are so excited, they're pinging off the walls.   I am sedating them with television so that I can blog and procrastinate cleaning.   If I had to blog, I'd clean.   But I have to clean, so I blog.   This is how it works.   

Merry Christmas to you and yours.    I hope you are ready.  I hope your day is filled with love and memories that you want to keep and not memories that you'd prefer to stuff under the couch with the lost toys and dust bunnies.   I hope your pictures are filled with smiles and no one has a temper tantrum and knocks over the tree.   I hope you get what you want.   I hope you give what you love.   I hope you hold your people close.   I hope Santa is good to your kids.   I hope your kids are good to you.   

I hope.

So there's this song that is on the Elvis Christmas LP that I used to play at my parents' house every year while we decorated the tree.  Even as an adult, for years and years, I did the tree and listened to this album.   Then things changed and they do their own tree and I have the album on a CD and I listen to it in my car and not while I decorate the tree and I don't know why that is, but this song is the QUINTESSENTIAL ELVIS CHRISTMAS SONG even though it has nothing to do with Christmas but it has a lot to do with love and I'm all sappy today and sentimental and have a teensy hangover and it's my way of sharing the love with you.   

I wish you happiness and love.   I do.