Karen Rivers

the best kind of top ten list involves books.

Karen Rivers

What were your favourite books of 2010?   These were mine.  

And yes, I know I read some of them late.   In the case of books, it's always better late than never.  

And yes, I realize I listed multiple books by the same author and made it count as one book.   This is "cheating".   Too bad!  Sometimes when you discover an author you didn't know before, you devour all of their books at once, like a glutton at a feast.  (But without the disgusting purge cycle that goes with that, if you're referring to gluttons at feasts in ancient Rome.) 

1.   Marcelo in the Real World

2.   When You Reach Me

3.   This is Where I Leave You & How To Talk To A Widower

4.   One Day

5.   Dark Water

6.   The Passage

7.   Will Grayson, Will Grayson & An Abundance of Katherines

8.   The Ashbury High Series 

9.   Before I Fall

10.  Hate That Cat


Do you make New Years resolutions?  

I don't.  

Or at least, I try not to, but I find myself doing it anyway:   This year, I'll keep the planters watered so all the flowers don't die!  I'll try to not let the garage get so messy!   I'll exercise three times a week without fail!   I'll follow a schedule!   I'll drink more water!  I'll eat a rainbow of veggies!   I'll GROW a rainbow of veggies!   Myself!   In my own back yard!   I'll learn the trapeze!   I'll become fluent in Italian!   I'll knit a cardigan!   

The one resolution I will keep, is this:   

I will read MORE good books.  

And more and more and more.    

The glutton at the feast will be me.