Karen Rivers


Karen Rivers

Oh, love.   A funny thing.   Hard to explain.   Harder still to understand.   

Here's the thing:  I've fallen in love.

With a dog.

The kids and I have been looking for a dog for a while, in that we have rescue sites that we check every day or two to see what new dogs are available and if OUR DOG is there yet.    We knew that we'd know our dog when we saw her.   We knew vaguely that she would be a medium or small-ish dog with a kind face and a love for the outdoors.   We hoped she would be reluctant to bark.   We knew she would never bite.   

We looked and kept looking.   Some dogs appealed to us because they looked like our beloved Tika, but were just too big for us with our small yard and small house and The Bun's big fears of big dogs.   Some dogs had too many issues.   A lot of dogs just had the wrong face.   They just weren't quite right.

Then we found her, just like that, on Petfinder.   Her name is Zero, but maybe she'll become Happy.   We'll see.   The most important part is that we fell in love.

But!  BUT it seems like we are not the only family to fall in love with this same dog!  Zut alors!  Say it isn't so!  So now the shelter is choosing between families to send her to and we, the kids and I, are hoping for the best.

If by "the best", we mean "us".   Cross your fingers for us, would you?