Karen Rivers

what my kids say is funnier than what other kids say, swearsies.

Karen Rivers

"I hate school," The Birdy says.   She's three.   (She actually loves school, or at least says she does when I pick her up.)

"No, you don't," I say.  "You don't hate school.  You LOVE school!  School is awesome!"  

"Can I stay home with you?"  she says.

"No," I say.  "Tomorrow you get to stay home with me though.   It's Thursday.   We'll clean the house."

There is a long silence from the back of the car.  I look in the mirror, and she's frowning and squirming.   Finally she says, "The hell*?  With what?  Our TONGUES?"


*Yes, I know I shouldn't laugh at my kids when they swear, but sometimes it's just funny.