Karen Rivers


Karen Rivers

I'll be taking a hiatus from blogging over the summer, not because it's summer and it's warm (finally) and the days are overwhelming themselves with perfect warmth and blues and greens and yellows that I have been waiting to see for so long that now that they are finally here, I just want to sit stock still and let them soak into my skin, but rather because I have a lot to do.  

Half of what I have to do involves eating rootbeer freezies and holding the hose at the exact right angle to make rainbows for the kids to run through and the other half has to do with writing down the stories of a certain group of kids who go to Cortez Junior School for Really, Really, Really Smart Kids Who Are Smart (not it's real name).   Two of these stories, to be exact.   One of which you can read in 2012, if I get my work done.   Which I will, because it's not feeling like work, these days, it feels like something both harder and easier than work, that I can't describe, even with a pretty metaphor.   

I will be back in this space in September or next week or whenever I need to be.   It's my blog, after all.   Like all writing, it's really impossible to ever stop doing it, the words keep forming and sooner or later they'll make it to the page.   

Happy summer to you.   May your days be blue and luxurious, filled with laughter and cold things to drink.