Karen Rivers


Karen Rivers

From Publisher's Marketplace:

Karen Rivers's THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ME, about one girl's thirteenth summer, as told in a series of encyclopedia-style entries (and lots of interruptions), to Cheryl Klein at Arthur A. Levine Books, for publication in 2012, by FinePrint Literary Management (World English).


OH YES, I DID.   Internetz, I am so so so so so excited about this deal which I will blog about at more length tomorrow.   I don't know what the most exciting bit is, exactly.   Dream publisher?  CHECK.  Dream editor?  CHECK.   Book that I held on to and kept trying to sell against the current?  CHECK.   First US deal?  CHECK. 



I am so excited.  I feel like I need to don a cocktail dress and find a stage somewhere to climb up on so I can say into a microphone, "And I would like to thank my brilliant and talented former-agent, Colleen Lindsay, who made it happen; my new agent, Marissa Walsh, for the hand-holding along the way; and damn it, EVERYONE I'VE EVER MET BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL.   Especially YOU.   That's right, YOU!"  

Then I'd cry and all my mascara would run and probably I'd trip on the stairs in my high heels and break my leg in three places, but in spite of THAT, I'd still be happy.

So thank you, everyone.  Even if you didn't have anything to do with this, thank you for caring enough about my announcement to read it!  And just ... OH MAN, I LOVE EVERYONE TODAY.