Karen Rivers

the e-books are here!

Karen Rivers

A long time ago, I had a heated argument with someone about how I'd never have a kindle because I prefer real books.   Because of the smell!  And the weight in my hands!  Etc!   But that was a long time ago.  As it turns out, carrying a stinky, heavy book around isn't all that it's cracked up to be.   Carrying my iPad around?  Is everything it is cracked up to be and more because now I carry around about 20 books that I haven't read yet.   I am never bored in doctor's waiting rooms!   Or waiting to pick kids up from school!   Or actually ever, because I'm too busy to be bored!  But if I was to be bored for some reason, not to worry, books (non-smelly!) at the ready.  

I am a complete convert, except not actually "complete" because I still get tons of library books, which do smell (and sometimes have the added thrill, apparently, of bedbugs).   And then I read the library books first because they have to be returned and I never have time to read the 20 books I have on my iPad.   I'll try not to oversell you on this idea though because several of my books are now available for your various different non-smelly technical devices.  

Here they are, complete with click throughs.   Go forth and buy. 

 * One completely free compliment with every book! Just email me the title you bought and I will email you a thoughtful, unique compliment.  It's true. *  (Limited time offer, some conditions may apply.  One compliment per purchase, please.   Unless you need two, in which case, I'll throw in a second.)